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Los Angeles

I live in LA about 4 years, and everybody is telling me that this place is great hangout place, I agree it is great when you are just visiting but what real options do you have when you live in LA? If you know me personally, I am person who enjoys barring, clubbing, hanging out outdoors and visiting museums and playing sports (not professional level)
For example if you check any web site for thinks to do in LA most of them will say Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, Venice Beach, Sunset Boulevard, The Beaches, Knott’s Berry Farm, Queen Mary and Six Flags Magic Mountain. But really the people who lives in LA max went to this places only 1 or 2 times. So what are actual things to do in Los Angeles? Let’s dived actives to two parts, day time and eve. As we all know that LA must be great place for night life :P where everything is closed at 2 am (really great).

Day Time

There are many museums in LA where you can spend one or two days
I will list the museums I have been and like and will skip once I didn’t like or never been.

Getty Center

Getty Center

This is great place to spent couple days and look around they have lot a of hidden exhibitions which are changing very fast. Try not to miss any of them

Getty Villa

Getty Villa

Pretty cool place but not so big, they have nice garden and if you are planning to visit go there at spring or summer time



Is huge, you guys will need a week to see it all.

Museums located on Exposition Blvd, 1 of them I want to mention implicitly is Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles


Is really nice place, twice nicer when you will go with your kids

There are many other museums that you guys can find if you like going to museums you always can find them using google.


There are many parks and beaches around LA. Most of people I know are going to Santa Monica some of them enjoy Venice beach as well. I am not really big fan of beaches but I like parks, I like hiking as well.


There are many hidden parks within LA, you will never think that there is a park over there that big. There are 4 parks I like

1) Griffith park and observatory

This park is really nice place. At day time you can enjoy the park itself laying on grass, or going to zoo. If you have tickets to concert you can go to the theater over there. There is really god food place when you just enter to the park before theater. After 7pm don’t forget to visit observatory which is located on the top of the mountain, from there you can see the planets and stars but look in front of you, you can see LA in whole its beauty. (Don’t forget to take your camera)

2) Franklin Canyon Park‎

Is really nice place to enjoy the nature, and if you have bike – take it. The place has nice lake and lots of ducks ~krya,~krya.

You need to go there too see
3) Rose garden (not Pasadena)

Rose garden located next to Natural History Museum, this place is amazingly beautiful end of the summer when all roses are blooming

4)  Solstice canyon

This park is not really in LA, it is more in Malibu but is really nice place to hang out, it has really nice forest and has its own spirit which you can get from the old land owner place. When you will reach waterfall look around there are many secret artifacts left there for you guys. Hint: go out of trails to find them.

Hollywood, ugh I don’t really like that place it is not really interesting for me, but maybe for you guys who knows.

Night Life…

There is some very nice lady waiting me :) so I will talk about night life in my next post

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  1. Kamila says:

    Please continue writing. I am excited to read the chapter “Hollywood” and “nightlife”. :-) The “parks in L.A.” part is very interesting. I wish I had a car and could visit.