How to Spend 7 days in Florida: Day 2

We started our day two in Miami little bit late; we woke up around noon, which was like 9am  in Los Angeles, everyone in our party was tired from flight and we decided to start morning from the pool. We took our towels and went to swim. The water was really warm but we saw clouds forming in the sky, and rain started. This was my first time in my life when I was swimming in the pool under the rain. If you are in Miami be careful from thunders but try to experience swimming under the rain. After taking outdoor jacuzzi under the rain we got kicked out from the pool area because of upcoming thunder, which was not that bad. After we dry up  we started looking around Weston.

Weston is inland city full of hotels and resorts. There is not much to do except visit restaurants and wine testing. Oh first day after we checked in the hotel, we drove to town whole of weston to eat something and found Japanese Inn restaurant, this place was really gooooood, I got tempura, it was a ton of tempura so much that it will be good for 3 people. Dafenataly if I will be in weston I will go there again for tempura :)

Tempura :) photo should be here but was lost :P

And went back to the hotel and got ready for Miami beach. It took us 20-30m get to Miami beach where all resturnts and clubs were located, there was only one problem :) no parking whole miami beach is metered parking and kind of hard to find. After crousing for 10 minutes we were lucky to find place to park. I live in LA and in LA party starts around 11 and end at 2am but in Miami around 11pm everything was closed and people just start showing up around 1am, we start walking around and looks where to party, we were not looking for just a club :) we were looking for some place with cuban music and found it,

it was small bar/club in beginning of the club area. Most of the places in that area had live bands so we went in, the music was cool and band was playing until 2am the place turned to techno club after 2am. In the second floor of the place there was small lounge and pool table and we try to play :) with no luck. around  3am we went to explore area, and found some place right next to this place with pool table which was just opening up, there was many open pool tables and karaoke night so we went in. From first look the place was ok, but when we went to the bar to get pool balls, some guy came and ask us if we want to buy stuff,,, we  ignored him after some time we so some strange women grouping up on the chairs and saw some strange people coming and picking them up. We finish our game really fast and escape that place. And start walking again :), it was not enough parting we went to some dance place where half of party went to dance, I was kind of to hot so I was looking around and didn’t go in. They danced for an hour and we went to eat something, strangely enough all places were still open not like in LA. There was a street don’t remmeber the name with lots of restaurants, bars and clubs most of them looked old style. Oh one other thing in Miami where ever we went there were sigar stores and you can still smoke in bars and restaurants, which kind of sucked. We were eating and parting until 6am :) and after this we rushed back to our hotel to go to 350miles+ ride to key west, which will be day 3 and 4 :)

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