Things to do In SoCal at winter

I spend already 5 winters in LA, and there are many things you can do here that you will not think about. Last year I visited Santa Monica area where the city set it up ice skating arena, ICE on 5th Street. The ICE run from November through the end of January. It was only $10 to get pair of skates, if you need.  On opening day, the city broke the world record for tallest ice sculpture and I missed it :( .

Other cool ice skating place is Pasadena, forget which day it was but there was no fee for using arena and rentals were half price, we went there 3 times. This place is covered so you can use it anytime you like to.

Last year it was my first time I step on snowboard in Big Bear, we got a class for beginners and we had lots of fun learning and snowboarding. First day is really hard, but after some time you get use to falling down :) and it is easy to get up and continue .

I had 4 lessons last year and I will continue this year. Please don’t do the same mistake I did first time, rent or buy snowboarding sun glasses which blocks reflection from snow they will help a lot.

I am still thinking what else can i do in LA SoCal area to spice up winter :) if you have ideas I will be happy to hear them


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