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Flight back from Jupiter

Yesterday we were visiting a friend on Europa one of the moons of Jupiter, we were planning to go by the rings to enjoy the view, but we had no time so we started flying back to earth. When we were passing by the moon it was in amazing, so I took couple of pictures.   We were planning to park on the moon but it was too cold so we came back to earth

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El Salvadorian Independence Day

Couple weeks ago I was going for morning shopping and whole Little Armenia was blocked. Santa Monica Boulevard came alive, for Desfile Salvadoreño (DEFISAL), the El Salvadoran Independence Day parade, started at 10 a.m. The parade started after Wilton and continued far. For moment I thought Obama is coming to town again but not this time. The parade was mix of bikers, tuned up cars, horses and dancing people. I took many pictures of parade and some videos. It was …

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Grand Canyon Hike


Last week part of Team and Training with team we went to Grand Canyon, this was base on our 15 weeks of training and support from lots of people who donated to LLS to cure cancer.  Evening before the hike, we had inspiration dinner and meet all teammates from all over the country.  Lots of people who have personal connection to cancer and some who just want to help others like me. We started our hike really early in the …

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Team In Training Day: Day 0

I usually post on my blog about the places I travel, but until May I will post about new journey, which is helping cancer research group. I will start training for Team In Training, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s. I am really excited that I can be part of the group who is looking for medicine for cancers. I join this mission last week, part of the helping I will need to give 2500 donation. I was surprise that so many of …

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Worst customer service experience – Time Warner Cable

I usually don’t blog about anything else but travel but this time I want to go off topic and talk about time warner customer service. It took us 1 hours to simply answer one question, we got redirected 7-8 times in the end I got useless answer Here is chat log, look to the time User Sako has entered room Analyst  has entered room Analyst Jessy has entered room Analyst  has left room Jessy(Fri Jan 27 01:58:20 PST 2012)>Hello! Thank …

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Hunted street: hayride


It was clear day so were planning to go look to the moon through telescope. It was early so we drove to some store on the way back I suggested to go to the next to the zoo to set up the telescope far from city lights. It was kind of cold evening. We already turned from Los Feliz to the drive to the zoo when we saw sign for of course we full of Halloween spirit we went to …

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LA County Fair

Every year from September to October in Pomona CA we have Los Angeles County fair. This year it was my second time I visit it. It was day, with lots of animals people and food.  I will add more info after I will download pictures but for now will have placeholder

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Things to do In SoCal at winter


I spend already 5 winters in LA, and there are many things you can do here that you will not think about. Last year I visited Santa Monica area where the city set it up ice skating arena, ICE on 5th Street. The ICE run from November through the end of January. It was only $10 to get pair of skates, if you need.  On opening day, the city broke the world record for tallest ice sculpture and I missed …

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Why not travel with cards?

I try to travel around California every weekend, and sometimes it is good to have playing cards with you to shorten the drive or flight. Before I travel I create travel list and print it to make sure I don’t forget anything ( I created my own travel list with checkboxes from stuff I or my friends usually forget). Most of my friends already know one of my favorite game “durak” which rules I will share with you.   1. …

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How to Spend 7 days in Florida: Day 2


We started our day two in Miami little bit late; we woke up around noon, which was like 9am  in Los Angeles, everyone in our party was tired from flight and we decided to start morning from the pool. We took our towels and went to swim. The water was really warm but we saw clouds forming in the sky, and rain started. This was my first time in my life when I was swimming in the pool under the …

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