Things To do in Los Angeles

I live in LA about 4 years, and everybody is telling me that this place is great hangout place, I agree it is great when you are just visiting but what real options do you have when you live in LA? If you know me personally, I am person who enjoys barring, clubbing, hanging out outdoors and visiting museums and playing sports (not professional level) For example if you check any web site for thinks to do in LA most …

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How to Spend 7 days in Florida: Day 1

Whole last week me and couple of my friends spent in Florida. We arrived in Florida late Friday night because of our flight. We booked our flight couple weeks ego and we were going to fly to FL by Delta airlines, when we were in there air already 20 minutes the pilot announced that we need to return  because they forget to close the door of our plane, and we are losing pressure so we turned back. After we landed …

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Weekend in San Diego

Last weekend we spent family weekend in San Diego. It is really nice and compact city not so far from Los Angele sand it is really beautiful and peaceful. Our drive started at noon and we got there around 3pm. The hotel we stay is located right between bay and the downtown next to expo center, from window you can see both downtown and the docks.   Our exploration of San Diego started from food, we randomly picked the place …

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Time travel: 20 years ego

Like travel around the world,  but today I will to travel back in time. When I was back in Armenia, when the USSR was just collapsing. I have lot of bright and dark memories about that time. I remember like now how we lived and how everything was. I remember that until 1996 we had no electricity and no water. We were getting one hour electricity per day and during that time building was turning on water pumps and we …

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Crawfish Festival In Long Beach

Around 4pm by some random luck we found link about festival happening in Long Beach, CA. We decided to go there. It was sea food festival in long beach, lots of seafood and New Orleans music. The place was packed, all people were having fun, dancing and eating crawfish. When you enter the place, you are welcomed but small stores selling art and crafts, I even bought a hat.  After I was leaving the store some random girl came by …

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View from the sky

When I was flying back from Iowa to Los Angeles, we stop for changing the airplane in Dallas TX. The flight was at evening so there was amazing view from the window, the skies were like cream. I was sitting next to the window so I took my camera and made couple shoots. After I put them all together and created small video which I want to share here. It is not that long, I hope it is enjoyable

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London Hotel

Today we had complimentary open bar in roof top of London Hotel in West Hollywood. The place was fun it had great view you can see whole LA and even see Big Bear if it is clear day. The downtown look so cool from there. The roof top bar is located next to the pool, and has lots of small fireplaces. It is really enjoyable place to be after work. Imagine how nice to see fireworks from the top of …

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Trip to Iowa

Last week I was on one week vacation in Iowa. The place is really nice and green. During  the trip I visited more then 14 cities and cross Illinois border twice. I spend whole day in the city called Fort Madison, which is on the border of Iowa and Illinois. There is a big state prison in there. Funny part was we didn’t know it is prison and thought that it is old fort. There was mini golf and ice …

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One fine evening or exploring Los Angeles

This Friday we finish work early and we were wondering what to do, so we decided to go the park which is close to the office. The place was Greystone Mansion, huge place surrounded with parks. It was build in 1926 by some oil guy. The park was really nice, we were not able to get into the house but the park was big and was well maintain except some area. If you are as adventurer as I am you …

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